Online English tutor


My name is Jacqueline - and, I offer 'remote: e-coaching & mentoring support' to 'remote workers' and 'online ESL students'.


I often ask others to consider their ideas of 'aspiration' rather than 'resolution' in

the hope of instilling the idea of 'working towards' rather than 'I promise to ... .'


Goal-setting: when there are 'new links of change', it's often important to begin with a 'set of aims and objectives' (which will sit within a 'strategic plan') - and, when understandings are 'prioritized', then begin to create a 'step-by-step' approach.


This is because outwardly, for some, it might just seem almost impossible to actually implement, action or even continue on with, the idea of 'immediate change' - when it just doesn't seem do-able, viable or even achievable. 


Like when we work to learn [or Teach]: a new 'language' to another - whereby, a 'step-by-step' and 'continued practice approach' is often the key.


When we 'aspire': we are allowing ourselves to 'dream', to begin to believe that we are worthy and that we have permission to progress forward towards 'the very thing that we believe that will help us to succeed'.

The only thing is: sometimes we might need to 'self-clarify' our own 'skill-set' in order to help ensure that we already have the necessary skills and abilities in order to actually achieve and or visualize our actuality [or dream].

I am a graduate who ‘re-trained’ using a ‘transferable skill-set’: so as to begin to work in a more modern and ‘structured way’ - whilst, still also maintaining my own links of ‘creativity’.

I soon realised that the ‘skills and abilities’, which served well within the ‘workplace’, also ‘transferred’ well, into ‘remote working’ and ‘study’ ...


e-Coaching and Mentoring  Support 

The Coaching Plan: offers a level of ongoing support, which has been designed to help you consider ways to build upon your own personal development (including, study skills) - and, as an ongoing ESL student ([or, new 'Online English Tutor'] who practices everyday 'English speaking & listening' skills) this plan aims to help support you to 'believe' that you can achieve.

e-Coaching and Mentoring support (Online English Tutor) works in 3-ways:

1)    WORKBOOK: complete the exercises in the WORKBOOK (lesson or study plan)

2)    Lesson: book 1 to 1 ESL 'speaking & listening' classes (subscription) by accessing

       the schedule:


3)   e-Coaching Life & Language workshops1 to 1 or group workshops by accessing

      the schedule


The three-step COACHING PRACTICE: (based, on 'self-development')

The INNER-HAPPINESS WORKBOOK (and other WORKBOOKS [are written in a style based on 'clear English']) - have been designed to help, by encouraging you to consider ‘what you have  now’ and ‘how you could achieve more’ just by ‘acknowledging’ and even ‘adapting’, so as to begin to change your own ‘mindset’.

Mission Statement:

Based on a belief system that maintains the concept that 'motivation' begins from within - and, that by engaging in personal development, at working practice

level (aligned to senior management [over-seen within a level of strategic direction]), the coaching-practice continues to serve and support individuals and or

groups to become more motivated in their general outlook.

The intention: to help create a driving-force towards acknowledged transferable individual links of success, whilst also accessing available resources 

and or external links of (CPD) support.

The coaching-practice: continues to be both aligned and intrinsic to external businesses, staff (or freelance pool) and or (future) clients via the use of designated resources (digital, workbooks and or events) - and, any links of external resource and or support ( - i.e. self-led referral via the coaching practice and or other links of web presence).


Wishing you a wonderful week!


NB: 'links-of-support' are offered for the purpose of 'self-led' information gathering and or further research - and, are not intended to replace the advice of a trained medical practitioner, or medical worker (in any way).

The acceptance: of 'affiliate commissions' and or 'external payments' serves to promote the provision of 'affordable: Coaching Resources' and or 'external: links-of-support'.