The 28-Day Gratitude Challenge (Weekly) - June 2022





June 2022 

‘Idiom’, ‘phrase’ or ‘saying’: ‘... the stars in the sky …’ 


It’s Sunday - and, today I am ‘grateful’ for the ‘motivational influences’, which help to ‘guide my way’.


I am ‘grateful’ for each ‘link of support’ so that I am able to continue on with my vision of ‘virtual mission’ - and, where ‘outreach’ encourages ‘all’. 


I am ‘grateful’ for the ‘food: placed before me’, and for the ‘warm’ and ‘comfortable’ feeling that ‘friendship’ brings.


I am ‘grateful’ for the continued ‘blessings’ bestowed upon me and for the ‘call: of the birds’, over-head. 


I am ‘grateful’ for ‘the stars in the sky’ which continue to ‘flicker’ and for the ‘rising of the early morning sun’ - for, its ‘rays’ bring brightness to ‘my eyes’ each day, as I sit and admire the view. 


In the words of: Genesis 1: 20-23 


‘... let the skies be filled with birds of every kind. …’



With [forgiveness], peace and love. Amen.