Life Coaching


The Coaching Group: 





Created to help support, through e-coaching & mentoring,
a little more 'Relaxation and Calmness', in this world. 


The three-step COACHING PRACTICE: 
The INNER-HAPPINESS WORKBOOK  (and other *WORKBOOKS in the series) - have been designed to
help, by encouraging you to 'independently' consider 'what you have now' and 'how you could
achieve more', just by 'acknowledging' and even 'adapting', so as to begin to change your own 'mindset'.
'Remote' working, study and or retirement: can often be lonely - so, this e-group serves to welcome 'all'.






Coaching Membership

Only £25 - for full yearly membership!

'A-little-sleep' can become 'a-good-night's-sleep' - and, with a little more consideration, can then develop further into a 'great-night's-sleep' ...




"Reading this, really was 'impressive' - as, it acknowledged (through explanation) 'why' using a 'Gratitude Journal' can be so 'beneficial', when building a 'brighter outlook'."    'unknown'


Members will gain access to weekly e-Group Coaching Workshops, delivered online.


Livechat: where members can ask questions, gain support or book a 1-to-1 workshop/coaching call.

With love

Monthly newsletters: will include coaching worksheets and other useful e-commerce resources. 


Members can also make use of 'coaching by email' - where, emails will be responded to within 24-hours.





Following your subscription payment - You will be sent the following (within 24-hours):  

1)     The link to the 'Members Page' - with access to 'livechat' and resource updates.



2)     The link to the next 'Motivational Monday' lunch-time Workshop zoom call.


3)    Your welcome email - where you will be able to access 'coaching by email'.


4)   The contact address link - for your copy of the: INNER-HAPPINESS Workbook.



Following your INVOICE payment - You will be sent:


1)    The link to your 'Business Page' - with access to 'livechat' and resource updates.

2)     The link to your dedicated 'Staff Development' Weekly Workshop zoom call.



3)    Welcome email - where your staff will be able to access 'coaching by return email'. 


4)   You will also be sent x11 copies of the INNER-HAPPINESS Workbook and x11 copies of an illustrated 'NOTE BOOK' (to be distributed to your staff and HR link).



The coaching practice


I'm Jacqueline - and,



Welcome to the:



'Coaching Group'!



I first began my career within the creative

industries, before: embracing the art of

Teaching and learning, alongside business management practices – and, I've worked within supportive Teaching and Life Coaching practices for almost 20-years.


In more recent years: I've also extended my workspace to include international ESL online support connections too.


When asked: I often describe myself as a:   'Teacher, Tutor and Coach' – but, not necessarily in

the same working order.


'Remote' working (Coaching, Tutoring & Teaching) and or study: can often be lonely - so, this

e-group serves to welcome 'all'.

Im sure that you will find your new coaching membership, to be really useful.
if you decide that the coaching practice membership group is not for you, then - you can request a full refund within 7-days and 'unsubscribe' at any time.
digital downloads: are 'not-refundable'.