Thank you for requesting further details about the coaching practice.



I would be happy to provide an overview on the 'coaching plan', which is based on
links of affordable 'e-coaching & mentoring support'.



You can contact me directly by email or through a pre-arranged zoom call
(BST - London time zone).



I also offer  'Motivational Monday: weekly e-group

lunch-time workshops' on zoom ...



Online English Tutor

... and: ESL - conversational English

(based on 'communicative language teaching')

e-group practice on 'Tuesdays'.



If you are not ready to connect yet, but would like to access links of

'coaching' (on a remote basis) - then, you will be able to order from

the 'Coaching Workbook' series, here. ...



... or, you can join the new membership plan (£3 each month) and access

the membership group resource links without attending the 'weekly workshop

zoom calls' (you will still see all of the weekly presentations and

resource links, updated within the 'members area', each week).



If you prefer to connect at one of the small 'meet up' groups

(in the near future), then please request to join the email newsletter.



Thank you for requesting further details about the coaching practice - as, you can see,

I have also included just some of the study links which helped to build this plan of coaching support. 



Wishing you a wonderful week!








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