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The Coaching Group: 








Created to help support, through e-coaching & mentoring,
a little more 'Relaxation and Calmness', in this world. 


The three-step COACHING PRACTICE: 
The INNER-HAPPINESS WORKBOOK  (and other *WORKBOOKS in the series) - have been designed to
help, by encouraging you to 'independently' consider 'what you have now' and 'how you could
achieve more', just by 'acknowledging' and even 'adapting', so as to begin to change your own 'mindset'.
'Remote' working, study and or retirement: can often be lonely - so, this e-group serves to welcome 'all'.






Business Membership

Only £450.00 - for 1st full yearly membership!

'A-little-sleep' can become 'a-good-night's-sleep' - and, with a little more consideration, can then develop further into a 'great-night's-sleep' ...

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"Reading this, really was 'impressive' - as, it acknowledged (through explanation) 'why' using a 'Gratitude Journal' can be so 'beneficial', when building a 'brighter outlook'."    'unknown'


Members will gain access to weekly e-Group Coaching Workshops, delivered online.


Livechat: where members can ask questions, gain support or book a 1-to-1 workshop/coaching call.

With love

Monthly newsletters: will include coaching worksheets and other useful e-commerce resources. 


Members can also make use of 'coaching by email' - where, emails will be responded to within 24-hours.





£450.00 is the yearly fee for x1 individual or for x10 individuals (@ £45 for each person).


I believe that this low fee offers excellent value for money: when providing your own link in
support of staff coaching and development - particularly useful for those, who now work or are considering working remotely.


Staff who are use to managing their time within work, now need to consider how to then manage this same work time within their home. 

This initiave: offers links of 'e-coaching & mentoring' for those who are new or are still getting used to working 'remotely' - particularly, if they are also trying to gain a good level of

Workshops: begin with the 'Inner-Happiness' Workbook and other coaching resources will also be referred to, as well as, 'ways to maintain motivation' and general interest in maintaining quality of work and presence, too. 

You and your HR link: will be asked to distribute both the Coaching Workbooks and
NOTE BOOKS to your staff, directly.

The Weekly e-Group: will connect on your designated day at your designated time-slot, with negotiation, for 30-minutes or 50-minutes between the hours of 10.00am - 4.00pm,

Monday to Friday.


Individuals: will also be able to connect on a 1 to 1 basis, via email and or phone, outside of the Weekly e-Group, and will be answered between the hours of 10.00am - 4.00pm,

Monday to Friday.

Many businesses now provide links to 'remote and distance learning' study, for both management and staff - and, this coaching initiative is able to provide links of 'motivation to study' (and ESL English Teaching) support, too.





Following your INVOICE payment - You will be sent:


1)    The link to your 'Business Page' - with access to 'livechat' and resource updates.

2)     The link to your dedicated 'Staff Development' Weekly Workshop zoom call.



3)    Welcome email - where your staff will be able to access 'coaching by return email'. 


4)   You will also be sent x11 copies of the INNER-HAPPINESS Workbook and x11 copies of an illustrated 'NOTE BOOK' (to be distributed to your staff and HR link).



The coaching practice


I'm Jacqueline - and,



Welcome to the:



'Coaching Group'!



I first began my career within the creative

industries, before: embracing the art of

Teaching and learning, alongside business management practices – and, I've worked within supportive Teaching and Life Coaching practices for almost 20-years.


I am a graduate who ‘re-trained’ using a ‘transferable skill-set’: so as to begin to work in a more modern and ‘structured way’ - whilst, still also maintaining my own links of ‘creativity’.
I soon realised that the ‘skills and abilities’, which served well within the ‘workplace’, also ‘transferred’ well, into ‘remote working’ and ‘study’ - and, this also led me to ‘return to higher levels of postgraduate learning’ (where I achieved a ‘triple distinction’, at (UK) level 7 and an Award at Level 8 [alongside certificates
and short courses in 'Teaching', an advanced diploma in Life Skills Coaching and that of a 'Hypnotherapy Practitioner', amongst others]) by ‘adapting to change and using my own mindset’ in a totally different way.
By continuing on with my own links of ‘lifelong learning’ ...
… I literally began to ‘BELIEVE IN’  my own skills and abilities …
This also helped my own successes, within the COACHING PRACTICE as I offer 'active listening' skills, using techniques based on both 'coaching & mentoring' (and 'mindfulness') - but, more importantly, I truly 'BELIEVE' that I can offer you a little more ‘remote support’, too.


In more recent years: I've also extended my workspace to include international ESL online support connections too.


When asked: I often describe myself as a:   'Teacher, Tutor and Coach' – but, not necessarily in

the same working order.


'Remote' working (Coaching, Tutoring & Teaching) and or study: can often be lonely - so, this

e-group serves to welcome 'all'.

Im sure that you will find your new coaching membership, to be really useful.
if you decide that the coaching practice membership group is not for you, then - you can request a full refund within 7-days and 'unsubscribe' at any time.
digital downloads: are 'not-refundable'.