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Written by: Jacqueline Melbourne-Milner, 2022





June 2022


Setting Goals …


Last week: I decided to ‘practice what I preach’, - where I literally sat still (with a ‘cuppa’) and began to 'acknowledge my own achievements' whilst also ‘planning’, next month’s work ‘goals’. 


Goal 1 - NOTEBOOKS are useful for making notes; writing down ideas; writing copy; setting-goals; making lists; writing a book etc.


Goal 2 - NEW Workshops Plan where Workshops become more interactive.


Goal 3 - EMAILS This week: I actively ‘read through my emails’ - in order to help ‘prevent procrastination’.


Last week: I explained the ‘meaning’ of ‘procrastination’ to one of my ESL students.


Each morning and afternoon: I ‘read through’ my ‘priority’ emails and then begin to create ‘action plans’, depending upon business and or coaching requirements - this often works well, as ‘priority’ emails usually take centre stage in my ‘strategic work-plan’.


This week: was different - as, I ‘extended’ my usual ‘admin’ to also include links of ‘wider-reading’ (where I found two new links of future work), so that I could also ‘cross-reference’ my ‘weekly schedule’ and become more aligned ‘synergistically’.


Now, this work could have been actioned on Monday - but, by ‘reading my emails’ today, I have been able to ‘plan’ and even action a few of my own ‘work goals’ by ‘recognising: individual signs of success - sooner, rather than later'.


Study skills:  I often ask those, whom I support, if they have a pen, pencil or 'piece-of-paper' and I actively encourage ESL students to 'write down' all the 'new words' and 'phrases' that they both 'see' and 'hear' - and, large NOTEBOOKS: are great for 'planning' essays, too.


NOTEBOOKS, can also often be found on the desks of: Coaches; Teachers; Tutors; Business Executives; Health Care workers; Office workers - and, NOTEBOOKS are great for just about anyone who likes to expand on their ideas outside of a journal.


I have ‘revised’: ‘The 28-Day Gratitude Challenge’, by completing new ‘colour-ins’, using an ‘array’ of ‘colouring-techniques’ - and, a new series of published  ‘notebooks’, have been designed ready to encourage you to begin writing down your own thought process and ‘goals’, too. ...


Why not begin a link of: ‘Relaxation & Calmness’ so as to remain ‘refreshed’ and ‘clear’, ready for each day!


Reflecting back: it often helps to consider 'links of change' in order to progress ...


Setting goals: within the process of ‘coaching & mentoring’, often begins with the consideration of ‘change’, using ‘reflection’ and future planning, through ‘goal-setting’ (individual: ‘step-by-step plans of action’) - and, it also involves recognising the need for improvement, so as to develop, alongside others, too.


Weekly Coaching Workshops: have been designed to help support you in both ‘recognising’ your own ‘achievements’ and in ‘deciding upon your future goals’, too ...



Wishing you a wonderful week!






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