Life Coaching with Jacqueline 


When we 'aspire': we are allowing ourselves to 'dream', to begin to believe that we are worthy and that we have permission to progress forward towards 'the very thing that we believe that will help us to succeed'. The only thing is: sometimes we might need to 'self-clarify' our own 'skill-set' in order to help ensure that we have the necessary skills and abilities in order to actually achieve and or visualize our actuality [or dream].


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My name is Jacqueline – and, I live in the UK with my family. I first began my career within the creative industries, before: embracing the art of Teaching and learning, alongside business management practices – and, I've worked within supportive Teaching and Life Coaching practices for almost 20-years. In more recent years, I have also extended my workspace to include international online work connections too.


When asked: I often describe myself as a: 'Teacher, Tutor and Coach' – but, not necessarily in the same working order.




When explaining: I often describe 'Life Coaching' as:

'… a unique bridge-way to individual support that can be tailored on an individual basis, helping to maintain 'your' ongoing progression within the workplace, social interaction – or, even towards the achievement of a better work-home-life balance.'