The 28-Day Gratitude Challenge (Weekly) - Sunday 15th May 2022





Sunday 15th May 2022


‘Idiom’, ‘phrase’ or ‘saying’: ‘... to and fro …’ 


It’s Sunday - and, today I am ‘grateful’ for: the ‘rays of the sun, cascading down through the trees’ and for the leaves ‘in their full greenery’.


The ‘simple things’: still make ‘so much sense’, like ‘rounds of freshly toasted bread’, covered in ‘melted butter’ and a ‘steaming cuppa’ to continue on with the day …


Everything seems clearer now - as, when the ‘sun is out’ and, ‘the breeze flies high’: the ‘clothing on the washing line’ begins to sway, ‘to and fro’


… There isn’t ‘a cloud in the sky’ as ‘birds swoon down’ onto the lawn ahead, ‘like small aerodynamically lead engines, with gliding wings’ which unfold - and, their ‘expert eyes’ guide them down to food and yesterday’s ‘sun-dried’ crumbs.


In the words of: John 6:35


‘ I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.’ 


With [forgiveness], peace and love. Amen.